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Health News Magazine Winter 2016

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In This Issue:
Winter 2016

A New Look and Feel is Coming to McAllen Medical Center

A major renovation for the hospital gives new meaning to the term "enhanced patient experience."
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Winter 2016

Cath Lab Team's 17-Minute Door-to-Balloon Time Makes a Difference for Rio Grande City Resident

Rafael Chacon and his family are grateful to have him back and healthy after his heart attack scare.
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Winter 2016

This is My Story: Enereyda Gonzalez

Enereyda was the first patient at Edinburg Regional to have single-site robotic surgery.
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Winter 2016

Local Resident Sings Praises of Outpatient Rehabilitation

After experiencing pain and swelling in his legs for almost 15 years, Ricardo Garcia credits his physical therapy sessions to the decrease in both.
Winter 2016

Enhanced Cardiac Risk Assessment Helps You Track Your Heart Health

McAllen Heart Hospital has a new and improved risk assessment tool that can help you understand your risk of heart disease and manage your heart health.
Winter 2016

New Clinic Coordinates Complex Care for Children

If your child has a chronic illness or special medical needs, it can mean that more than one physician may be involved in their care. For parents, coordinating that care, treatment and the child’s needs as a whole can be a challenge.