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Dr. Youssef Majed

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Designated Institutional Official and Chief Academic Officer
South Texas Health System GME Consortium

Welcome to South Texas Health System GME Consortium. The program was founded in 2022 to create GME residency and fellowship opportunities to medical students throughout the world, giving them an opportunity to receive specialized training in a medically underserved community. Our program is based out of our network of acute care and behavioral health hospitals, namely South Texas Health System McAllen, South Texas Health System Edinburg, South Texas Health System Children's, South Texas Health System Heart and South Texas Health System Behavioral, and is affiliated with Texas A&M University.

STHS GME Consortium is committed to improving public health and well-being by providing our physicians with a supportive and innovative learning environment that promotes their professional growth and success. Our residency and fellowship programs are integrated into the core mission of our hospitals: To improve the health and well-being of the public by cultivating the professional growth and well-being of our physicians within a supportive and innovative learning environment, further developing the competency of a physician workforce that represents and strengthens the communities we serve.

The approach of our program is to provide a diverse, firsthand clinical training experience in an underserved community along the U.S./Mexico border of South Texas. This is coupled with didactics, research opportunities and involvement in hospital operations to prepare residents and fellows as they pursue the next steps in their careers, from full-time clinical practice to teaching, research, medical leadership or further subspecialty training.

Our program offers abundant opportunities for residents and fellows to gain knowledge, hone their skills and discover diverse medical career prospects. The ultimate goal is to empower our graduates with the essential expertise and enthusiasm to thrive in their selected career paths.

We appreciate your interest in our GME programs and look forward to the positive impact these programs will bring to the communities we serve.

Family Medicine Residency Program

We are now accepting applications to our Family Medicine Residency Program.

Learn more about the program and apply now →

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Designated Institutional Official and Chief Academic Officer
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