South Texas Health System Updates Visitation Guidelines to Include Visitation With Restrictions

Monday, March 22, 2021

South Texas Health System has updated the visitation guidelines at its acute care facilities in Hidalgo County to best meet the needs of patients, hospital staff, and the community as a whole. The new changes take effect on Monday, March 22, 2021.

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out last March, South Texas Health System has had strict visitation guidelines in place to protect its patients and their loved ones. The guidelines, which were relaxed in October, have always been in line with current city and county government efforts centered around social distancing, and were aimed at limiting exposure to any individuals who may have contracted COVID-19 and been asymptomatic.

While Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order (GA-34) that effectively lifted the mask mandate in the Lone Star State and increased capacity of all businesses and facilities in Texas to 100 percent beginning on March 10, 2021, the safety of the patients and staff at South Texas Health System’s facilities throughout Hidalgo County remains our top priority. Therefore, South Texas Health System will continue to maintain heightened visitation guidelines at its acute care facilities.

South Texas Health System operates South Texas Health System McAllen, South Texas Health System Heart, South Texas Health System Edinburg, South Texas Health System Children’s and South Texas Health System Behavioral, as well as six freestanding emergency departments in Hidalgo County.

Visitation Guidelines

All visitors must:

  • Be screened upon entry into the hospital
  • Wear an approved face mask at all times (no gator masks or bandanas allowed)
  • Frequently perform good hand hygiene
  • Limit their visit to the patient room or designated area they are visiting

Adult Inpatient Units

One (1) adult support person is permitted per day during the hours of 8 am to 8 pm excluding patients in COVID-19 treatment areas.

Pediatric Inpatient Units

One (1) adult support person is permitted per day and 24-hour in-room visitation is permitted.

Emergency Departments

One (1) adult support person is allowed to accompany the patient.

Labor and Delivery

One (1) adult support person is permitted per day and 24-hour in-room visitation is permitted.

Outpatient Areas (Imaging, Labs, Day Surgery, etc.)

One (1) adult support person may accompany the patient and wait in the waiting area.

End-of-Life Considerations

Our hospital team is deeply committed to supporting the loved ones of patients in an end-of-life condition. We will work with a point person from each family to accommodate appropriate visitation in coordination with the medical provider.

Visitation guidelines will be regularly examined by hospital leadership and adjusted based on any change in the COVID-19 situation within our community. Our goal is always to ensure the highest level of safety for our patients, physicians, mid-level providers, staff, and community members.