A New Mother’s Fight to Survive a Life-Threatening Case of COVID-19

March 31, 2022

First-time mother Amara Rodriguez and her husband, Alfredo Gonzalez, were thrilled to welcome their newborn son into the world in August 2021. But their joy quickly turned to concern when they discovered that Rodriguez was positive for COVID-19, despite showing no signs of the virus.

At first, the new mother was sent home with instructions from her doctor to isolate from her newborn and spouse. But when her symptoms took a turn for the worse her husband rushed her to South Texas Health System McAllen for treatment. What followed was an inspiring fight for survival as her condition worsened and her chances for recovery looked increasingly slim.

Watch this video of Amara Rodriguez’s story to see her fight for survival in the hopes of returning to her growing family.

With the help of the doctors, nurses and therapists at South Texas Health System McAllen, Rodriguez made a miraculous recovery and was able to regain her speech and strength. Today, she is still building up her strength as she cares fully for herself and her child with the support of her family.

“Now I can carry him and feed him and it’s wonderful,” Rodriguez says.