A Young Life Saved: "My Son Is a Living Miracle" — Ruth Cantu

January 04, 2019
Aristeo Cantu with Dr. Tekle and Dr. Hussein

“Perfect doctors and hospitals healed my son. Because of their beautiful teamwork and the technology available at the hospital, my son is alive,” says Ruth Cantu.

Cantu’s son, Aristeo, 14, wasn’t feeling well and went to tell his mother. As he sat on the bed, he collapsed in her arms. EMS arrived and transported him to South Texas Health System Children’s, the Valley’s only dedicated children’s hospital.

A CT scan revealed a life-threatening condition – a ruptured artery at the base of his brain. Cantu needed surgery immediately, and he was transported to South Texas Health System McAllen’s new neurointerventional suite. There, doctors performed the delicate procedures to save him, using advanced, minimally invasive technology. “We are fortunate to have this new neurological suite of equipment here at South Texas Health System McAllen. It is helping us save many lives,” says Endovascular Neurologist Wondwossen Tekle, MD.

The treatment was successful, and Cantu remained in the ICU for 27 days before transferring to the rehab center at South Texas Health System Edinburg. Cantu spent the next 34 days receiving a minimum of three hours of intense physical, occupational and speech therapy a day to help him regain his strength. He is currently doing well with home schooling and is also back at Sunday school, helping to teach the Pre-K class.

His mother, Ruth, is beyond grateful, especially because her son was able to receive all of his treatment within one hospital system. “All the doctors and nurses have done an amazing job. Because this treatment was available here, we did not have to travel out of the area,” she says. “I’m very thankful because we’re close to home and they have excellent staff here. My son has made amazing progress and is walking again!”