Comprehensive Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

December 05, 2017
Comprehensive Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Ines Carrasquillo, MD, FACS

As the only female board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at South Texas Health System, Ines Carrasquillo, MD, FACS, is all about making her patients feel whole again. “I specialize in all types of plastic, reconstructive and trauma surgery,” says Dr. Carrasquillo. “My patients need to be able to function and I am able to address that for them.”

Traumatic injuries often require reconstructive and plastic surgery, and Dr. Carrasquillo can reconstruct faces, hands, the head and neck after major trauma. “Every case is different. Once the trauma surgeon evaluates the patient, they can determine if I am needed,” says Dr. Carrasquillo. Examples of trauma injuries include gunshot wounds, vascular injuries, burns, open fractures and those as a result of motor vehicle accidents. “Many times, an area needs to be reconstructed to cover bones or organs, and that is where I come in,” she says.

Each Day, a Different Experience

When she is not working with the trauma team at McAllen Medical Center, Dr. Carrasquillo meets with patients about cosmetic and other elective procedures. “I do quite a few cosmetic and elective procedures, such as breast augmentation or reduction; cosmetic and medical botox; facial rejuvenation; hand surgery; removal of skin cancers and melanoma; wound closures; and post-bariatric surgery to remove excess skin on the abdomen, arms or legs,” says Dr. Carrasquillo. “I build a rapport with them so I can fully understand their needs.”

Hand surgery is another specialty, including carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel release; hand tumors; fractures; webbed fingers; tendon and nerve injuries; Dupuytren’s contracture; and removal of ganglia and soft tissue tumors. “There is a new enzyme treatment now available to treat Dupuytren’s contracture, so patients may not need surgery,” says Dr. Carrasquillo. “The enzyme is injected and in a few days, the patient regains use of their hand. It’s quite remarkable, and much less invasive than surgery.”

Dr. Carrasquillo takes a very holistic approach with her patients. “I am very compassionate and always available for my patients. Improving their quality of life and helping them obtain the results they desire is very important to me, and I work hard to make sure they are satisfied,” she says.