Advanced Maternity Care at The Women's Center

they treated me and my family so wellAugust 25, 2020

Just 14 weeks into her second child’s pregnancy, Sonia Montemayor was experiencing excessive bleeding. She raised the issue with her OB/GYN several times and underwent testing, but was told there was nothing wrong. Concerned, she discussed it with her friends, who suggested she see a doctor with South Texas Health System Clinics. She chose Giannina Guardia-Rullan, MD.

Compassionate and Experienced Care

As soon as Montemayor stepped into Dr. Guardia-Rullan's practice, she knew she had made the right decision. "Everyone was warm and welcoming. After explaining my situation, Dr. Guardia-Rullan ordered an ultrasound and based on the results, immediately scheduled an appointment with a placenta specialist," says Montemayor. The loss of blood she was experiencing was coming from the baby’s umbilical cord. Had Montemayor waited even one more day, she could have potentially lost her child. Dr. Guardia-Rullan monitored the situation carefully and encouraged Montemayor to watch her diet, which she did. "I am grateful to Dr. Guardia-Rullan for being extremely thorough and informative. She explained everything and the remainder of my pregnancy was drama-free," she says.

A Special Night in The Women's Corner

In the fall of 2019, Montemayor delivered at newly renovated Women's Corner at South Texas Health System Edinburg. When she went into labor, Dr. Guardia-Rullan was on vacation, so her colleague Kristy Morales, MD, a board-certified OB/GYN also with South Texas Health System Clinics, stepped in. "The entire experience was a pleasure," Montemayor says. "Dr. Morales and the staff, who had prepped as soon as my water broke, were with me every step of the way. They treated me and my family so well. I never felt like a number, but rather the only person on the floor ... a queen!" Montemayor delivered a "perfect, 9.2-pound baby boy" and, feeling great, left the hospital the same night.

Matt Malinak, the hospital’s chief operating officer, states, "In The Women's Corner, we're thrilled to offer expectant mothers a unique birthing experience with access to experienced obstetricians, a specially trained staff, and comforting amenities like all-private rooms." All maternity patients receive a tote bag, baby footprint card, a Baby on Board vehicle sign and even a sibling birthday cake so big brother and/or sister can celebrate the special day, too! Additional amenities including dinner for two, a gift basket with delightful edibles, photo and fresh floral packages are available for purchase and The Works VIP Room Package features a spacious VIP room, stocked refrigerator, car sunshade and special onesie, to name just a few of the perks! It adds up to an experience mothers (and fathers) like Montemayor will never forget.

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