Understanding the Role of Inpatient Rehab

March 18, 2024

A couple dancing in their living roomWhen somebody experiences a major medical event, recovery often involves some level of rehabilitative services. When that care is provided within the hospital or facility setting, it is known as inpatient rehabilitation.

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers at South Texas Health System McAllen and South Texas Health System Edinburg provide comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation services, including:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy can help patients minimize pain through exercises designed to restore strength, improve balance and increase endurance. The goal is to restore mobility and independence.

Occupational therapy

Patients are trained to resume their daily routines, including toileting, grooming, bathing, dressing, cooking and working. Occupational therapists help restore and enhance these activities of daily living.

Speech therapy

Our speech therapists help improve the quality of speech production, speech comprehension, written and verbal communication, and swallowing to provide an improved quality of life.

Neurological rehabilitation

For those who have experienced a brain injury, stroke or other neurological event, our specialists develop a custom plan and deliver highly focused treatment with an emphasis on maximizing functional, real-world skills.

STHS Inpatient Rehab Centers Recognized for High-quality Care

For the third year in a row, South Texas Health System’s inpatient rehabilitation departments at South Texas Health System McAllen and South Texas Health System Edinburg rank in the top 10% of inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs) in the United States, according to Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR), a not-for-profit organization considered a leader in medical rehabilitation outcomes data.

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The Importance of Supportive Services

In addition to therapy sessions, our Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers offer patients access to specialized equipment and technology designed to aid in their rehabilitation. This may include mobility devices, adaptive tools and assistive technologies that empower individuals to regain lost abilities and learn new ways of accomplishing everyday tasks.

Another important aspect of our inpatient rehabilitation care is the supportive and encouraging environment it provides. Recovering from a serious injury or illness can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally. Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers offer an additional space where patients can receive the care and support they need to face the challenges ahead.

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