Heading Out to Trick-or-Treat? Keep These Safety Tips in Mind

September 27, 2022

Little girl out on halloweenHalloween should be fun and exciting, with a sprinkle of spooky. Enjoy the celebration safely. Here’s how:

Costume Safety

  • Flame-resistant clothing. Check the label of your costume and make sure it says “flame resistant” or uses flame-resistant fabrics like polyester or nylon.
  • Clear your vision. Trick-or-treating at night can be dangerous while wearing costumes that obscure your vision. Avoid using masks or hats that make it difficult to see your surroundings.
  • Be comfortable. Fall nights can be wet and frigid. Wear weather-appropriate shoes and clothing to stay dry and warm.

Street Safety

  • Walk safely. Try to always stay on the sidewalk and cross only at marked crosswalks. Always look both ways and make sure driving cars have fully stopped before crossing the street.
  • Add visibility. Wear bright colors to be easily seen by passing cars. You can also add strips of reflective tape to your clothes to be more visible.
  • Adopt the buddy system. There’s safety in numbers. Always travel in groups. Agree on a designated meeting spot in the event you are separated.

Sweet Safety

  • Inspect. Don’t eat candy until you have inspected it. Throw away any treats with signs of tampering — like pinholes, discolorations or tears. Do not eat anything that is not commercially wrapped.
  • Avoid allergens. Check the label of treats before eating. Only consume it if you are certain there are no allergens. If allergens are consumed accidentally, contact emergency services.
  • Remove choking hazards. Beware of toys and small candies like gum, peanuts and hard candies given to young children. Instruct kids to eat slowly and thoroughly chew their treats before swallowing.

When Care Can't Wait

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