Our Patients Share Their Stories

Learn why the South Texas Health System is the choice for high quality healthcare in the Rio Grande Valley. Get to know some of our patients and their compelling stories.

Anthony Ortiz — Treated at Edinburg Children's Hospital

In April 2014, Rosalinda Trevino’s son, Anthony Ortiz, was losing weight and suffering from fatigue. Blood tests showed his sugar level was in the 500s and the doctor sent Anthony to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

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Enereyda Gonzalez — Treated at Edinburg Regional Medical Center

On June 15, Enereyda Gonzalez was at work when the pain on her left side began. A full-time counter manager for a cosmetic line and a grandmother, she normally pushes through minor aches and pains. This time it was worse.

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Martin Luna — Treated at McAllen Heart Hospital

It all started with shortness of breath, sweating and heart palpitations. On January 9, 2015 Martin Luna was at work and had been helping to move a filing cabinet. When he was finished, he sat down to rest, hoping the symptoms would go away — but they didn’t.

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Rafael Chacon — Treated at McAllen Heart Hospital

Rafael Chacon was at work when he had a heavy feeling in his chest. He thought it was heartburn, but decided to leave work early anyway. He woke the next morning with an uncomfortable feeling in his chest, but went back to work.

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Chris Drapala — Treated at McAllen Medical Center

After years of alcohol dependency, Chris Drapala, 41, decided to get the help he badly needed. But due to severe obesity, he was turned away from several local substance abuse treatment centers as a health risk. Then he found Bright Vista.

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Ricardo Garcia — Treated at McAllen Medical Center

Ricardo Garcia, 63, is a U.S. Navy Veteran whose mobility was limited due to pain and swelling in his legs from chronic lymphedema. “The swelling started about 15 years ago, and as time went on, the color on my lower legs started to change,” says Ricardo.

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